Compactor Machine: What Is a Compactor Machine and What It Is Used For?


A compactor machine is machinery used to compress materials, usually waste and other biodegradable materials in order to make them smaller. This is done through a process known as compaction.

There are two major types of compactor machines which are the static compactor which relies on the weight of the machine to compress items and make them smaller. The other type of compactor machine is the vibratory compactor which uses vibrations to shake up pieces of smaller materials in order to fill up spaces and make them smaller. Vibratory compactors are more common for soil compaction. Examples of roller compactors are vibratory rollers, rammer compactors, sheepsfoot rollers, vibratory plates, and pneumatic roller compactors among others.

Every industry deals with one form of waste disposal or the other, while some industries deal with the manufacture of products that may require one form of compaction or the other. Compactor machines can be used in different industries to compress different types of objects and materials. Let’s take a look at the several uses of compactor machines:

Used in farming

Agricultural practices employ the use of compactor machines like the baler wrapper compactors to expel oxygen from forage and store the forage in airtight film. This process is aimed at making the forage last longer.

Used for recycling and conservation of energy

Compactors used for waste disposal are used to crush certain materials for recycling. Some waste disposal compactors are also designed to hold large amounts of compressed material before being emptied which helps reduce the merry cost of operation of the compactor machine.

Used for domestic waste disposal

Outside the large industrial compactor machines used at dump sites or factories, there are smaller compactors built for domestic use. These compactors are used to compress and make waste materials smaller before disposal.

Used on construction sites

One of the most common sites for operating compactor machines is construction sites that deal with breaking down large materials. When it comes to construction, there are three types of compactor machines, which are:

Rammer compactor machine

The rammer compactor machine is used to compress the soil. The aim of this is to press the particles closer together to form a strong soil layer. This is important for the construction of flat surfaces as it provides a firmer base for construction.

Plate compactor machine

The plate compactor machine is also used to push soil particles closely together to get rid of holes or air spaces. However, the plate compactor is made up of a flat plate and uses rapid vibrations to push soil particles closely together.

Roller compactor machine

Rollers compactors are very popular compactor machines that are used to compress large rocks under concrete or stone foundations for construction.


Many large industries employ the use of compactors either for efficient waste disposal or for compressing different types of construction materials. The benefit of compactors to domestic life is the ease of waste disposal and storage. The refuse can be compressed and easily packaged for disposal. Certain materials can also be compressed so that they take up less space.


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